In the Asian Games, India won two silver and three bronze medals.

In the men’s badminton tournament, the bronze medal went to Malaysia’s semifinal. The Indian team will inaugurate the 2018 Asian Games. The Indian team will be inaugurated at the inaugural Asian Games 2018.

Malaysia’s medal account opened at the Men’s Badminton Tournament by winning a bronze medal in Malaysia’s semifinal.

Suhasini Yatiraj, who won the first game by beating Uma Bhakri 21-8, 21-7, won a brilliant victory. However, India’s doubles pair of Tarun and Chhahna Honey and Saba Hainul lost 9-21, 8-21 to the men’s doubles. In the men’s singles, Chirag Baratah Mohammad Ahmad defeated 14-32, 15-21.

Farhan Basha claimed the silver and Paramjit Kumar bagged bronze in 49kg. Pia Laophalkdee of Laos got gold and Farman lifted 128kg and while Paramjeet had 127kg.

Devanshi Satija won the silver medal in women’s 100meter butterfly in the S-10 category. Sumesh Jadhav won bronze in 200 meters for the medal.

The first time Bhukiza fought for the Asian Games in the first match was 5-3 as Indonesia won.

Prasanth Kumar Pradhan, who took 15 minutes from Dominis Savio Fernandes Gusmao from Timur Leste in the Chess constituency, won all their successes.

He had a week-long training camp for the preparation of the Games and he defeated my opponent in 10-15 minutes, “Pradhan said.


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