Japanese Arai retains On the fifth day of the 2018 World Judo Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan, four-time Grand Slam gold medalist Chizuru Arai of Japan successfully retained his world title and red backpatch.

So far, the 13 Japanese judokas who have competed in these world championships have won medals. Japan is the only country that has achieved this incredible feat. In the women’s final of less than 70 kg, Arai faced the four-time winner of the Grand Prix Marie Eve Gahie of France.

Initially, Arai stayed behind with a Waza-ari from Gahie, but in the manner of a true champion, and with the fanatical Japanese fans instigating it, he responded with an Uchi-Mata to get a waza-ari score. Aria followed with a downward pressure to win the gold.

This was Japan’s fifth gold in Baku and it was a very emotional moment for Arai, as she became a double world champion. Francesco Ricci Bitti, president of the Association of International Summer Olympic Federations, handed Arai his gold medal.


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