India can win the World Cup told by Australian Expert. The Indian hockey team’s former technical adviser made Rick Charlesworth a multi-talented, that he could freely say.

Bachelor graduate, Rick Charlesworth, and then qualify as a doctor, on behalf of the Western Australian team have played first-class cricket matches in ten years, Australian mp, he had Australian made The team has played in the Olympics in Australia, his training helped him win, and made a number of country teams have been as an adviser.

This is all to stimuli and wanted to make the biggest love of Charlesworth, the Indian team.

Specialist Rick Charlesworth made what he says today’s Indian team?

Behold, His interview …

In 2008, you were associated with the Indian Hockey. What do you say about India Hockey?

The Indian team’s story and made it interesting. At one time anywhere in the world to best constructors playing pioneers. 1970-made in Australia, when we started to play India or Pakistan, or could not win. But they continue to learn in the constructors were to stop, I think. If that sort of situation, you cannot advance. At present, Indian men, women, and the two teams are playing well. Again, there is an uprising. In addition, the International Olympic Committee must rise to peak again in India think constructors. It’s good for India and the world Hockey.

Is Harendra Singh is the right choice for the Indian team coach?

It is good to have an Indian in training for the Indian team. I do not think that a foreign practitioner can make a big difference. It is not necessary. Harendra is talented. But success comes from other subordinates. He must have the right people.

In what place is India and where is the technologically and technologically present?

The Indian team for the training program and made it better to be an Indian. If a foreign coach can make a big change and does not appear to me that. It is not necessary. Harendra talented. But when it comes to success, other sub amp employees. She gave him the correct Kit.

In which place is Indian Hockey being physically and technically present?

At present, India is one of the world’s top 5 teams. In the past two Champions Trophy finals eight times in them. In the finals the last time in the Netherlands, while Australia in India failed to challenge. Asian Games, was a setback for Barak. This is what happens when you’re in high hopes.. But India can return to the old golden age. They can win the World Cup this month in Bhubaneswar.

What is your opinion on Shane Warne’s biography In which he said Steve Waugh was selfish?

Shane Warne is a controversial person (laughs). He has never been the favorite player of coach John Buchanan. Steve Waugh, Matthew Hayden, and Glenn McGrath, who played with him, were not at ease. I do not know the internal matter of Warne. But Steve Waugh is a fantastic captain and a successful player. Warne’s book did not change my value to him.



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