Chennai lady abandons her newborn baby in hospital toilet


Chennai lady abandons her newborn baby in hospital toilet

A few hours later, the baby was mixed with the mother and the baby, hospital staff and police.

A 27-year-old  lawyer lady abandoned her newborn baby in a private hospital in Chennai city in Tamilnadu. Hospital authorities and police detained the woman and rebuilt the child within hours.

The woman was shot dead along with her mother, sister and sister. She was taken to Choolaimedu hospital in Chennai. The doctor was asked to get the admission for delivery but they refused. Agreed to be back the next day.

The doctor left the doctor’s room in the toilet on the ground floor of the hospital. When she was not back for a while, she found her to lock her toilet. After a few minutes, she left the toilet and both of them went out.

At 5:00 am on Friday, a staff member of the hospital listened to the baby crying and found the tuna jack in the bathroom. They immediately called the police on the table. A Scan Police CCTV footage of CCTV visuals gave a hint that they found the woman in the first register after entering her address.

Initially, the woman’s baby was denied the CCTV. She showed her the visually impaired child, abandoned the baby and abandoned the baby, and she was afraid of a unmarried baby.

She gave appropriate counseling and added it back to the child.

The police did not register a case after giving birth to the baby and promised to take care of the newborn baby.


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