Child labourer – The Story about child labourer – Part 1


Child labourer – The Story about child labourer


‘Senthil dear…come let’s eat…Mum has prepared your favorite dish, have your food and then go and play dear… You can study well only if you eat well….come, dear, come come come…’

(Guardian lady calls in harsh voice)

‘Hey, Senthil where are you?’


The time is 5 pm. Don’t you know you have to go the boys are waiting for you! Hurry up!

‘Where were you?’ that lady was shouting.

‘I went to take my shirt from the terrace.’

‘Ok come… let’s go for our work. why is RAM not coming?’

‘His legs are not yet healed from those beatings. He got from that lady.’

‘Hey…haven’t started yet?’ Guardian lady shouted.

‘Started madam..’

‘Hey…Hari wait…why are you”ll standing? you both can go…’

‘Ok madam..going…’

They were walking at Sea to sell their product.

‘Hari, go and call that constable Venkatesh.’

‘We are orphans, why did your uncle bring you here?’ hari asked.

‘He is not my uncle, people used to call him as uncle so I am calling him as Uncle, after my parent’s death, I had no one, he was one who cheated me & left me were telling I will be given a good education.’ Senthil

‘You so pity! we cannot study even if we try here!’

‘It’s our fate! Ok, come let’s start our work.’

‘Sundal…, Murukku… (Snacks)’

‘Sundal…, Murukku…’

‘Sir, Do you want Sundal, Murukku’

‘How much?’

’10 Rupees sir..’

‘OK give…’

Sundal, Murukku (Snacks)

(Recalls his father’s voice)

‘Senthil….you should study well and become a big officer my child…You have to achieve something big you shouldn’t be for just living sake but do some good deeds for this society. this is my wish will you do that Senthil ?’

One old lady shouting there.

‘Oh my god! he snatched my chain…someone catches him, he is running. catch him…catch him…’

‘Hey, you..!! don’t run…stop. Give the chain, give it to me…’

‘Don’t run…Stop’

‘That grandma so sad give me her chain’

‘Give me…give me..give me chain…’

‘That grandma so sad give me her chain…Give the chain, give it to me….’


‘You hit me? Do you hit me? wait I’ll see through it…Get lost !’ theft.

‘Here is your chain Grandma…take it’

‘What is your name son?’ Old lady asked.

‘Senthil grandma…’

‘Is it! good name ?…

see giving some money.

‘have it my son’

‘what is this Grandma? I don’t need all these, I did’t do that for money,you look like my what i did this.’

‘You are also my Grandson only my child.’

‘Grandma he will arrange you for a vehicle, go safely.’

‘Ok dear Thankyou dear, Thank you very much Senthil…you are very great, your parents are gifted.’

Hari said ‘Yes grandma we are gifted so much, so we have gone to Heaven very soon.’

‘Why Senthil? What happens to your parents? Where are you from?’

‘My native is Kumbakonam, I came to Chennai…I don’t have anyone… I am Orphan.’

He told his past story that how did he come to here.

‘I and my Uncle reached Chennai’

‘Hey Auto! Stop.’

‘where do you want to go ?’ auto driver.

‘Besant Nagar’

‘Get in…’

‘Come Senthil get in slowly sit’

‘As I was born and brought up in a village, Chennai city’s atmosphere was very strange to me. I wish my uncle with a thought of fulfilling my parents wish. But I was not aware that my uncle is to cheat me.’


‘What Senthil? Thinking about the village?’

‘Ok ok go ahead.’ Telling the way to the auto driver.

‘Whose house you are going ?’, the auto driver.

‘Our Gayatri House.’

‘what? Gayatri House? Give me 100 Rs. and get lost…’

‘You asked for extra money ?”

“I don’t want anything..! first you get lost…!”

“Ok take it…that place is so near.’

‘No… No… first, get lost..!’

‘It’s very near man…’

‘You first get lost man’

‘Ok get down Senthil’, Senthil’s uncle.

‘Why are you doing like this man !!! Get lost..!!! get lost…!!! You go Gayatri will pump you…’

‘Hey stop man why are you doing like this? he is afraid..! you come Senthil’

‘Uncle ! will they give me Education?’

‘She will do that Senthil! Uncle also will visit you often.ok’

(uncle’s mind voice) Arrogant lady is beating someone…

They Entering Gayatri’s place.

He’s looking at me differently…( Screaming).

‘Nothing Senthil, Gayu likes Kids very much. Someone would have beat them so what Gayu is
punishing him, you don’t worry’

‘Gayatri sister…’


‘***k the next time this happens? I’ll screw you up and throw you in the sea…’ that lady.

‘You fool! why did you come by walking?’

‘Auto man running by hearing Gayatri sister name.’

‘That’s good for you people otherwise people may fool me…Is he the boy whom you told me?’

‘Yes, sister! he is the boy..Senthil sister’

‘Will you be obedient?’

‘yes, sister he will…BABY say wish to sister…!’

‘Greetings sister…’ Senthil.

‘Don’t call me sister, call me as Madam’

‘Ok Madam!’

‘Hey, Hari…’

‘Yes, i am coming Madam…’

‘Take him and explain him about Everything… E V E R Y T H I N G . . . !!!’

‘Get in Senthil..! Sister will take care of you. Boys are there to play…get in’.

‘OK uncle’

‘what’s your name ?’

‘My name is Senthil’

A wise woman

‘Ok sister am leaving..hehehe’ uncle.

‘Ok Ok understood! follow me…’

‘Hehehe super sister, ‘huh? There is a hut near the stone house!. Why sister ! you alone living in a stone house and
the children in Hut house?’

‘Don’t talk too much, shut your mouth..I know where to keep children…follow me, come in’

‘Take your seat’

‘What’s his name?’

‘Senthil sister’

‘Will he obedient?’

‘Yes, he will sister…’

‘Like this one man brought a boy saying the same. .But utter waste! ***k’

‘No No sister…! He is very good. I am guarantee for him.’

‘OK wait..!’

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