I am your interviewer today


We can divide our life into three parts are birth, death and in the middle. 

A long wait. We wait to go through school, college, Fall in love, get married and get a job and so on. But in all of this, there is only one constant.

Someone entered into the company for attending an interview.

“Hello. I am your interviewer, today”

“Good Morning, Sir. I Am……”

“The name is in file and you can sit down. No need of Such formalities here. So, Shall we start??”

“Excuse me, sir, Is this Technical or HR round??”

“There is only one round of interview and I m going to decide whether you get in or not”

“Okay Sir”

“So tell me about yourself!”

“I was born and brought up in Madurai,  studied till 12th std in government boys school and then I completed BSC physics in bharathiyar university. My Dad works as an accountant in a private company and Mom is a housewife. Our household is little poor. If I get this job I can run my family properly”

“Ok, You said your family is poor but your shirt looks costly?” Interviewer

“No sir, I borrowed it from my friend for attending this interview.”

“See…I do this all day long, I can tell when someone is lying. I expect honesty and doesn’t care about your shortcomings.”

“I am telling only the truth, sir!”


“Do you Drink a lot?”

“No Sir!!!”

“That’s a lie”

“You drink in weekends in your friend madhan’s house”

“Sirrrrrrr, How did you know that?”

“See… We research our candidates thoroughly. Before it was a bit tough But nowadays you people share everything Facebook and Twitter!

Silently..“Okay Sir”

“Moving On.. Your are out on a job and you are seeing an accident.”


“Will you stop and help or will u continue with your work?”

“I will Help sir..”

“When I did college a man was lying on the road injured I took him to hospital and then only went to write an exam..” candidate reply

“Have you stolen anything??”

“No Sirrrrr…  Sir water please”



“Ok. You Can”

“You Finished??”

“Yes, Sir..”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No Sir”

“That’s bad”

“What are you saying?”

“I am telling about your habits”

“I don’t need these kinds of jobs.. What’s happening here? where Am I? please leave, I will go..”

“One Minute.If you leave by that door a thousand times you will come back to the same room. So, please take your seat.”

“Sirrrr… Sir! What’s happening here, Sir? I don’t understand.”

“Well, Do you wanna know the truth?”

“Yes!!! Of Course”

“Do you know what simulation theory is?”

“Yes…computer technology will be so advanced at a point of time and they can create virtual reality as similar to real life”

“Go on..” Interviewer

“You are right till now! so if we can’t differentiate between virtual reality and real life?”

“How can we tell whether we are living in the real world or inside a computer”


“No, I won’t believe you. you are Lying.”


“Matrix is your favorite film. Right?”

“Yes, of course”

“That’s why I ran simulation theory past you.”


“Oh god… You should see your face”


“Because You are lying to me… You can’t hide anything from Me…That Shirt…Three Days back and brought from shoppers stop and two thousand Rupees that strikes truth of the list…and You are filled with lust and you have not acted upon it because You fear you don’t have the courage and You Procrastinate…that strikes Lust and Sloth, You are a drunk..You drink a lot to a point of waste that’s Strikes gluttony..”

“Then?” candidate getting fear

“You stole from your best friend’s father’s shop..when you are 12 years old. Greed… Am right ?… During your college days, you told you saved a man from an accident but It’s not a man. It’s a dog!”


“But anyways all life are same. So I have to give you compassion on that. you have not killed anybody.. So Ahimsa stays on list..”


“You could have asked me before what’s written in this paper can be seen only by me…”

“Please leave me… i will go .. “ candidate sounds loudly and get more fear.

“I don’t need this job. After all you have seen and Heard..Do you really think this is an assessment for job??” candidate

“Look At Me and Close your eyes and think have You come for a job Interview?”



“Because I already have a job. As i was running late for job in the morning I rode my bike fast. In a turn 2 school kids came across the bike.. with my speed I would have hit them. If i have, they would have been dead..I slid my handlebar to the ground…And my bike fell down…I flew and fell on the opposite side of the road…Last I remember a bus tire”

…….Oh my god Am I dead? Then where am I? What is this place?

“My Job is to determine whether you are good, bad or worse and send you appropriately.” interviewer…

“where will you send me?”

if your assessment is good.. Then you will go to heaven else you will go to hell. If it’s worse you will be reborn into the world. I thought you would repent your sins. But you kept on lying. But none of that matters now. Will you answer my final question with the truth?

“I will sir”

“You told you to put your bike down because you didn’t want to hit the kids.. did you know there was a chance you might die to do that?”


“You can go now”

“One last thing” candidate asking

“Yes” Interviewer

“Are you Yama? (God of death)”

“No.. he is my boss.”

“Then, You?”

“Every religion has a different name for me. In your Religion, My name is chitragupta(God of Assessment for good and bad deeds)”

“Oh my God.. Save me”





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