livid Birds


Livid Birds .. it is a dialogue based story. read ,  share and  comment feedbacks..

Sathya: These Guys are so mean ya!

Friend: Wonder who they are talking about!

Prakesh: Hi Sathya!

I am Prakash

I just want to tell you something

I am in love with you

Sathya’s Friend- Excuse me!

Prakesh: Ssshh

I Did not stalk you, Didn’t hoard your things.I got to know your name and then I am here

Friend- Hey who are you man?

Prakesh- (Sighs) Go get some snacks

(Turning to Sathya)- So where was I?

Friend 2- She already has a boyfriend

Prakash- Boyfriend? OK. I ‘ll give you a day’s time. Break up with him and then fall in love with me.

Sathya- What the f—

Prakash- buy

Sathya’s Friend 2- Sathya, he is too serious, we have to inform Venki

Guy1- Hey stop the bike..Get down

Guy2- What an awesome bike!

Guy1- Not even 4 feet Guy2- Excellent bike

Prakash- What’s up bro?

Guy1- Hey get down I said.

Prakash- What’s the problem with you?

Guy2- Is this 1000cc?

Prakash- Yes Bro

Hey, chuck it.

Guy2- Its a good bike right

Get down Guy1- Give me the shades

Guy1- Come to Prakash- Where bro?

Prakash- That’s my bike

Guy2- You go with him. I’ll be with the bike and take a ride

Guy1- Leave it and come

Prakash- Silly boys

Prakash- What’s your problem? Give me your girlfriend’s number, I ‘ll sort it out

Fat Guy- Here he is

Ramesh- So you were the one proposed to Sathya uh? R u planning to get high heels after marriage?

‘Sorry. Just kidding’

I’ll cut you into 4 pieces’

No. You ain’t worth it.

I’ll cut you into 3 pieces’

What is this Sathya? Why did you bring these dumbasses to accept my proposal? I cannot resist this Guy wearing my shades.’

( Ramesh pacifies Venki)- ‘Wait, buddy. Let me take care of this’

Ramesh- ‘ You are getting on my nerves. I’ll f****** cut you into pieces in royapuram(Denotes a place)’

Prakash-‘ Try me. I am from the same place’

Ramesh-‘ That’s a piece of cake. Do u know Ravi(Denotes local DON)?’

Ramesh- ‘He ‘ll take care of you’

Ramesh-‘ What are you fidgeting with?’ (Prakash calls Ravi from his phone)

Telephone- ‘Brother How are you?’

Prakash- ‘Greetings Brother i am fine. How about You?’

Telephone- ‘ It’s been a long time we ‘ve seen. Why don’t you come over?’

Prakash- ‘Sure bro, Would love to. I’ll come’

Telephone-‘ Anytime.. ok then what’s happening, anything wrong?’

Prakash-‘ Nothing much. Here a Guy is bullying me with your name, so I just thought of making you talk with him’

Telephone- ‘Go on’.

Prakash-‘ He is on the line’

Ramesh- ‘Tell me’

Ramesh-‘ Please don’t…………’

Telephone- ‘What the fuck is your problem?'(abuses Ramesh badly)

Ramesh- ‘It’s your brother who started this.’

Telephone- ‘Yes whatever it is u just back off’ (abuses Ramesh badly)

Ramesh-‘ Ok’ (Call disconnects)

Venki-‘ What is it?’

Ramesh- ‘Dude lets leave this problem. He is a tough Guy to fight with’

Venki- ‘He is nothing to me’

Ramesh- ‘NO buddy. It will be a pain in the a**. He has a heavy backup. Try to understand. Leave it as of now.’

Venki-‘ Go away.’

‘He is a kid Sathya. He will die if I beat him up. Just chuck it. Don’t make a big deal of this. Chill baby’

Venki- ‘Sathyaa!’

Sathya-‘ shut up!’

Prakash-‘ Thank GOD!’

Guy1- ‘What happened?’

Prakash- ‘It’s a big problem.’

Guy2-‘ What happened, tell us?’

Guy1-‘ Is anyone chasing you?’

Guy2-‘ What happened?’

Prakash- ‘Chucked. That girl chucked him.’

Guy1-‘Awesome work’

Kumar-‘ My name is Kumar. The thing I love in this world is the cinema. And for that, I am a film institute student. And there is one more thing I love in this world. Sathya.’

Kumar-” When I saw her for the first time I fell in love with her. And the problem started there. ”

Random Guys- “Is it love? Who cares.”

Venki-“HI buddy ”

“Who is this Guy?”

Ramesh- “Flimmaker seems”

“Piece of shit”

Venki-” Please give me a chance in your movie sir. But heroine should be Sathya”
“Do you know who she is? She is my girl. Do you know what I am getting her for our anniversary?”

“If you sell all your scripts, will u be able to get a slipper for her? ”

“That’s it for u. ”

“Just write scenes. Don’t try to make it real. Understood?”

“Stop your nonsense with Sathya and go with your life.”

“Bye Bye buddy take care..”

Ramesh- “Got it. Stop about that Sathya. If not I’ll makeRavii kill you. ”

Friend1-” How can he talk that way?.. What is so cheap about a filmmaker? We have to show him what we are capable of?”

Kumar-” Leave it”

Friend 2-” We cannot leave it like it. We have to do something.”

Kumar-” No we need not face anymore problems. Leave it”

Friend2- “We cannot leave it. HE may be rich. We have to show him how clever we are.”

Kumar-” I am pissed off. Just collect the details of Venki and let me know”

” Ramesh was telling about ravi”

Friend2-” What was that? ravi. He is a big shot. ”

Kumar- “Which place?”


Friend2- “Do u know which place is Ramesh from?”

Kumar- “Don’t know. I just know him in college”

Friend2- “Leave it. Don’t worry”

Friend 1- “Moron. Go down and play.”

Friend2- “Leave it. Don’t worry”

Friend 1- “Moron. Go down and play.”

Kumar- Why are you shouting at him?
Friend1- Venkat is just a show-off. cars, money. Some assholes around him. Otherwise, he is a ….”

FRIEND2- Ramesh’s father is a politician. ravi has beaten Ramesh’s father into pulp. Otherwise no direct connection between ravi and Ramesh
Just for going behind her we are facing so much problems. Don’t know whats gonna happen next.

Kumar- Whats gonna happen?

Friend2- We would ve got killed

Kumar- Will propose.

Friend2- R u going to propose?

Friend1- God knows

Quoting Thirukkural—— I ll do

Kumar- Change your brother’s number into ravi.. Why dialogues ? I am a natural in this

(Talking about bikes)

Prakesh- How can I Drive this?

Kumar- Drink this and you can drive it.

Prakesh- Thinking about Sathya uh?

Kumar- Bring it on!



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