News Bulletin November 1 2018


News Bulletin November 1 2018

Signing agreement following delegation level thoughts between vice president Naidu and his the between encounter for the day inaugurating 13th Global exports were now on Wednesday Vice-President invited companies 26 business opportunities in India.

Election Commission team headed by chief election commissioner 2 review PO preparation for the first phase of elections in Chhattisgarh 18 constituencies to vote on 12th of November buster commissioner appeals to the voters to exercise franchise fearlessly

Two terrorists killed in gun fight in Kashmir Budgam district search operations are launched the last night gunfight razerzone.

Sri Lankan president live suspension of Parliament convenes meaning of Legislature on Monday Presidency reason I had suspended Parliament till 16th of November after replacing Vikram Singh with Rajapaksa as prime minister plunging the elimination into a political crisis

India to take on West Indies in the series decide the first one day international at the Thiruvananthapuram today India leading the five match series 21.

Top sorry this afternoon vice president, venkaiah Naidu Will Be Holding delegation never talk to with his about Swan in counterpart in the afternoon today Detox will be followed by signing and exchange of agreement the vice president of Australia is hosting a bank with the lunch for Vice President Naidu vice president Naidu follows to meet the speaker of national assembly in Botswana Parliament later today and Indian community reception has also been organized for Vice President Naidu during the week-long Africa. Visit the vice president will also visit Zimbabwe and Malawi where is a schedule to interact with the heads of states and business leaders and he will also dress Indian community there is accompanied by a high-level parliamentary delegation comprising of the minister of state for Social justice and empowerment Krishan Pal Gurjar and four members of parliament.

Vice president, Global Expo 2018 along with his opinion counterpart and addressing business leaders are the xpose is said that India is moving rapidly on the path of economic transformation and he invited companies in Botswana to see is business opportunities in India now. He said that a Botswana and India enjoy a longstanding and enjoying partnership as the two countries that share the common values of democracy and oh so strong people to people dies the vice president also said that Indian engagement with Africa over the last 4 years has been unprecedented India Botswana bilateral trade has increased by 26% and is valued at 1.75 million dollars in 2017-18.

Vengiah Naidu “ Because of democracy I am delighted to be at this moment is it platform that brings together business ideas from different countries. I can swear this yet another milestone of India Botswana business relations India’s relationship with both one has remained close and warmed our engagement has an has got the year including the areas of Defence security trade and business, Healthcare and capacity building dear brothers and it is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that India Botswana business days have been growing state our bilateral trade is valued at US dollar 1.75 million in 2017-18 it is imperative to note that our state has increased by 26% in 2017-18 both of our country is lead to sustain his upward Trend.

23 positions in the World Bank ease of doing business index and with their centers now prank 277 out of 519 countries in 2018 development that could help the country attract more foreign investments it was the earlier ranked the hundred in 2017. The making a leap of 30 places the World bank release dates latest doing business report on wednesday in New Delhi India has improved is Saran 553 positions in the last 2 years and 65 positions in the last 4 years are Cena news conference finance minister Arun Jaitley said that India can crack into top 50 if it improves on the time taken off for registering real estate also starting business and enforcement of contract.

Effective world Bangkok Business Line creating rankings may 18 3 Saal Baad hum sone Amberpet Char Saal Baad Hum 77 2018 have crossed 1 lakh crore rupees. Finance minister Arun Jaitley, share the figures on his at Twitter handle is stated that the success of GST is the lower rates reservation higher compliance only one tax and negligible interference by taxation authority is the state service achieved extraordinary growth in a total tax is collected from the state SSLC include Kerala at 44% Jharkhand at 20% Rajasthan at 14% Uttarakhand at 13% and Maharashtra at 11% revenue collected in October 2018 of for 1 lakh r710 cross is a higher by 6.6% as compared to September 2018 collection the total revenue earned by Central Government and state governments. After regular and provisional settlement in the morn out of October 2018 is a 48954 crores for cgst and 52934 crores for sgst.

Railways Flexi fare scheme in 15 premium trains trains for which the scheme has been scrapped include Shatabdi Duronto also the Railways has a remove the flexi fare from 32 train fare during the lean period of February March and August. Review of the scheme has been done based on the Recommendation of the committee Comptroller and Auditor General support and representations from passengers on in September 2016 the Railways Aahat introduced the flexi fare for premiere trains like Rajdhani Duronto and Shatabdi Express. Railway minister Piyush Goyal said that the reduction of Flexi pairs is going to benefit of both the passengers that can now avail tickets at cheaper rates as well as the Railways that will see a search in demand and Occupancy also the maximum cab flex affairs has been reduced from 1.5 Times 1.4 times of the ticket fares
, Also as a a 8.7 free 3300 paid rates of food, foodgrains, flowers.

Jammu and Kashmir where to unidentified terrorist have been killed in the ongoing gunfighter that weighs between terrace and the security forces in Budgam district of Central Kashmir and security sources say that the cotton and search operation was launched in the Midnight on the basis of inputs by the presence of terrorist in the area decided that are the force is zero then on the suspected place the hiding terrace openfire triggering confido immediate report of any fatal and nonfatal casualty is on the first sight has been reported so far

India has lost the strong protest with Pakistan and China over a bus service schedule to be launched as part of the 50 million dollar China Pakistan economic corridor Odyssey pack projects the bus service would be started between Lahore and Pakistan and password a city in China’s of for West through Pakistan occupied Kashmir external affairs ministry spokesperson Ravish Kumar said the proposed bus service of wireless India sovereignty and territorial integrity the seepage is IT project on the Chinese President XI jinping sweat belt and Road initiative and India has not join the brv on the grounds that it does not respect other countries territorial integrity and has put the participating countries on the death trap

Indian and Japanese armies of holding their first-ever joint military exercise are from today till 14th of November military exercise name the Dharma Guardian 2018 is being held between the Indian army and the Japan ground Self-defense force at the counterinsurgency Warfare school in Mizoram the Indian contingent is being represented by 61 Gorkha Rifles awhile the Japanese contingent by 32 infantry Regiment of the Japanese the ground Self defence force on the 14 day exercise that you Emphasis will be late on increasing in to operate ability between forces from both the sides who decides Where are jointly train plan and execute a series of well developed practical rules for the neutralization of a likely thread that may be encountered in urban Warfare scenario Indian and Japanese in name is beside the coast guard regularly hold Re Gular exercises in high Seas but this is the first time ever the armies of the two Nations will hold a joint exercise.

Spark back after the break the Supreme Court has declined urgent hearing on AP by Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram Pasand Karti Chidambaram seeking permission to go abroad a bench headed by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said the issue of Karti Chidambaram visiting abroad is not an important matter that requires an urgent hearing declining the urgent hearing the apex court observed that the judges have more cases that then they can handle remember party has been facing civil cases including the grant of foreign investment promotion board clearance India NX media case and also money laundering in the Aircel maxis case

China has once again alerted India of a possible float like situation in the Brahmaputra river in Arunachal Pradesh the letter for landslide and subsequent formation of an artificial lake was informed to India separately through diplomatic channels and mechanism under which channel shares hydrological data with Brahmaputra on 17th of October China had communicated to India about a landslide near jolla village in Tibet which led to the formation of an artificial lake as the water started beating the lake the districts along the Brahmaputra river in Arunachal Pradesh report on high alert for possible flash floods.

Electoral office Moradabad today to Nation visit to Qatar and Kuwait on Wednesday on the last leg in Kuwait Aashiq old on the top leadership of the country including the EMI of Kuwait to discuss the range of issues to boost economic and security cooperation without erasing the concerns of the Indian community the meeting followed Sushma Swaraj is interaction with the Indian community in Kuwait and later Sushma Swaraj also called on the Prime Minister of Kuwait and ohs explode avenues for enhancing and further strengthening economic and Investment Corporation was the health delegation never talks with the deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Sushma Swaraj was on the made into a to the Gulf countries of cutter and Kuwait in a bid to enhance India’s engagement in the extended neighbourhood

The United States has the revolt the duty free concessions on the import of at least 50 Indian product mostly from Handloom and Agriculture sectors the federal register issue the notification listing out in 90 products which was so far subject to duty free provisions under the generalized system of preferences present Donald Trump Asia the presidential proclamation on Tuesday leading to the removal of these products from the privilege beginning today weather India having the largest beneficiary of the GST it has been hit by most of the latest.

Duty-free export to the US another JSP was to the tune of more than 5.6 billion dollars
International focus the Sri Lankan president maithripala sirisena has lifted the suspension of Parliament has come in the meeting of the Legislature on Monday is 2 into the current political stalemate in the country who were the southern king of prime minister on a Vikram Singh hey Siri Sinha remember replace the Vikram Singh with the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a dramatic terms of events last Friday the suspended Parliament 16th of November new cabinet under Rajapaksa was known in on Monday in spite of warning from the parliament speaker of possible while and if lawmakers were not someone immediately to resolve the crisis of the Prime Minister Vikram Singh ke who has refused to accept is this masoor call for a floor test to prove majority in Parliament and under increasing pressure to reconvene parliamentary Cena and the parliament speaker discuss the issue yesterday.

Coming in from Indonesia National transport box office record information about the Boeing 737 Max 8 into the javac of Indonesia Northern coast on Monday killing all the 189 people on board

Has given its first official statement on how I believe it was saying that he was immediately strangled which is prosecutions office in Istanbul set on Wednesday the body of course he was the dismembered after his triangle as soon as he entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul adding that this was carried out is part of a premeditated plan the statement for lose the weight of media reports about the mother and the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on 2nd of October ka shok is a body has not been found by Turkey the US in Saudi Arabia have already that he was in the world At The Counselor however there still no consensus on how he died meanwhile in the United States about Republican and Democratic senators US President Donald Trump to suspend civil in nuclear energy talk with Saudi Arabia over the mother of 820, however, Donald Trump says that he does not to feel betrayed by this Audi is made by the United Nations has called for international Road on Kaushambi enquiry corporate jobs at Novotel.



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