Organic Farming Manage in India how ?


Organic Farming Manage in India how?

Use of pesticides Chemicals have a very negative effect on the quality of the soil as per ok? and even. If you ignore the quality of the soil for timing these Chemicals into the water table ok?  The start contaminating the water and recreate health problems both for human and also for the livestock. So one multi native to such kind of farming that is farming require which is related to use of pesticides Chemicals and access other 40 similar fertilizers.

One of the natives is organic farming what do we do in organic farming? we are not using these pesticides. We are not using any kind of chemical to grow the crops and back everything.  Used would be very natural for example you would have seen the use of the Cow’s urine of cow dung these are very popular methods are also explain the about vumi kompo.  So also vermicompost cannot be used on a long large base and crop production is done. But then to a certain extent even use of Neem as a pesticide is very popular.

So the various methods through which organic farming is done wherein whatever is produced. It is produced without the use of any kind of chemical celeste,  understand what is the state of organic farming in the country.  Ok,  now I just told you it resource maintain and enhances ecological balance.  Because it acts as a nutrition to the soil rather than harming the soil which is a nutrition for the soil. 

That has been increasing demand for organic Ghosts across the globe because people now have started realizing that the use of chemical fertilizers is not good for the health.  And also not good for the health of the animals.  So that has been increasing demand of organic farming.

Let’s take this example of Kisan Mehta,  he was a person who was associated with NGO ok?. and he went and suggested that cotton which uses the maximum amount of chemicals or less a pesticide.  We should try producing organic cotton as usual initially this entire suggestion was rejected by the Director General of the Cotton Association.  But then, later on, we kept on taking the efforts and he was able to bring 130 farmers who committed growing organic cotton under 1200.  Later the institute from Germany they prove that the quality of the Cotton was much superior compared to the quality of the Cotton which was grown with the use of this pesticides and chemical.

So,  now organic farming has started and it has started taking importance the started taking import to the important place in the life of farmer. So this was one example to make you understand how organic farming started in India.  As of today 78% of the farmers in India marginal farmers. They hardly have land which is equal to 1 hectare and but they are in a position of more than 20% of India’s cultivable land organic farming.  Can help such kind of farmers to grow the crop and become ensure that large produce is being produced using organic farming.

Organic farming becomes profitable because it saves money the money. Which your fav saving would be on the same investment you are doing on chemical pesticides extra and it also helps in soil conservation.  To the benefits of organic farming are its substitute costlier agriculture inputs, it provides high income because most of the organic produce right now is getting exported.

There is a tremendous demand for this organic woods in the US market.  There is a highly buy requirement is very interesting compared to normal farming. Which we do use the chemicals in the pesticides interestingly here in organic farming this labour is required on a more extensive basis or when you doing the normal farming with fertilizers and everything.  You do not require much of labour but then organic farming the nature of farming is such that you require labour on a lot regular basis and a lot of labour is required. 

So, what happens for a country like India which was labor intensive this is positive benefit which we can derive from organic farming healthy food obviously. Because I am eating something which is pesticide free chemical free! it is good for your health and hence organic farming is able to give you healthy food. What are the limitations of organic farming which is proving as hindrances to the farmers 28 of this farming?

The first year lesson Heels in initially when you start organic farming the production which happens the produce,  which going to get after harvesting the crop would be quiet less compared to normal farming. But this happens only for first few initial years the organic farming food has a very short a shelf life for you cannot store those goods on a very long base and that creates of hindrances. When people want to adopt organic farming in their life ok it provides very limited choice in terms of production and it also provides Limited choice when it comes to off-season crops the when it comes to choosing what to produce using organic farming the choices are quite limited to this-this is all about organic farming.


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