Prime Minister Narendra Modi acts like Hitler – Vaiko

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MDMK General Secretary Vaiko came to Madurai this morning. On the occasion of the Ambedkar memorial, he paid homage to his idol in the Dallakulam outpost.

Later Vaiko told reporters: –

Prime Minister Modi is a fascist like Hitler. He never wants to lose power. Hitler and the Communists blamed the parliament for fire.

The Prime Minister will go to the extent of maintaining the power of the Modi regime. In the Madhya Pradesh state election, the BJP has filed a complaint against the recording machine.

There is no usual way to vote in the northern states. The BJP is doing this in Rajasthan, Tripura, and Telangana.

The Constitution of India should be protected by Ambedkar. If Modi becomes PM again, the constitution will be destroyed. Federal philosophy and secularism will be demolished.

Who sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the release of seven former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi If it is a governor, he should be punished under the court contempt case.

If the chief minister of Tamilnadu sent the letter, it is a green betrayal. He must be punished for this.

The death of the natural agronomist ‘Nel’ Jayaraman is painful. Thus the farmers are losing their survivors.

He said so. #MDMK #Vaiko #PMModi


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