Sony Music London HQ after twofold cutting attack by English equipped police


Sony Music London HQ after a twofold cutting attack by English equipped police,

Furnished police raged into Sony Music’s workplaces in London on Friday (Nov 2) after two individuals were wounded in what the organization said was a rough contention between two kitchen staff.

Froze workers were cleared from the expansive place of business, which likewise houses Warner Music Group, and police said the two exploited people were captured.

“Two individuals from the providing food group were associated with a rough fight,” Sony Music said in an announcement.

London’s Metropolitan Police said it was called at around 11am (7pm Singapore time), dispatching guns officers and crisis therapeutic specialists and clearing staff as a precautionary measure.

“Two men were discovered experiencing wound wounds. They were both captured at the scene on doubt of causing shocking real damage,” it said in an announcement.

“The men have been taken to doctor’s facility where they remain. Their wounds have been regarded non-perilous.”

Maria Afolabi, age 25, a budgetary examiner with Warner, said the principal she knew about an issue was the point at which the fire alert sounded.

As she advanced out of the building, she said she saw a Sony staff part in shreds and outfitted police raging the stairs.

“We didn’t realize what it was. They had monstrous firearms and were running up,” she told AFP.

An anonymous Sony worker told the Press Association news organization that the kitchen staff, utilized by a cooking organization, were “running round pursuing one another” and “slicing each other up”.

The road was quickly cordoned off amid the occurrence.

The region is in the High Street Kensington shopping locale and Sony Music is inverse the workplaces of the Daily Mail daily paper.

Trish Ellis, an individual partner at The Mail on Sunday daily paper who saw the episode, told PA: “Equipped police were going in six or more at once, and more of them yet they were by all accounts keeping individuals in the building.

“Step by step, they began to discharge individuals in tens, the twenties.”


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