Special discount for Xiaomi devices in Amazon


Xiaomi India has a special sale on the Amazon site. The special sale will begin on Dec 6 and will continue till December 8. Xiaomi Company offers to sell in this sale is listed on the Amazon site.

Xiaomi announces only two concessions and claims that the third concession will be announced later. The Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone is priced at a maximum of Rs 3,500 and Redmi 2 is priced at Rs 2,000.

Xiaomi’s I Love MI (I love Mi) sells for sales of the Seomey Mi A2 and Redmi 2 smartphones. Redmi 2 (3Gb RAM and 32 GB memory) was cut by Rs 1,500 and priced at Rs 8,999, Redmi 2 (4GB RAM and 64 GB memory) at Rs 2,500 It will be sold at a price of Rs 10,999.

Like the Redmi 2, the price of the Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone is slashed on specialty sales from December 6 to December 8. In that way, 4Gb of RAM, 64 GB of Mi A2 with the memory of Rupees 14,999 and 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of RAM Variant will be sold at Rs. 16,999.

Another offer will be announced during special sale except for Xiaomi Mi A2 and Redmi 2 smartphones. Apart from the price of two smartphones on the Amazon India site, there is an exchange offer, a non-interest-free installment facility. #Xiaomi #Amazon


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