Vice president can interact with Businessman and investors from India and Botswana


Vice president Vengiah Naidu,  can interact with Businessman and investors from India

Botswana SEO roundtable in a short while from now appeals to Indian community in Botswana to contribute thing that too exciting growth story unfolding in India to live for Zimbabwe on the 2nd leg of Africa visit.

Vice president Venkaiah Naidu will participate in India Botswana SEO roundtable during his the ongoing visit to Botswana. He will interact with a businessman and investors of both the Nations after the Civil visit the Diamond Trading Company the vice president is a schedule to call on the president of Botswana.

Later he will complain of the bob is kept in Harare on the second leg officer 3 days in Africa visit in Zimbabwe he will address the Indian community at the reception hosted by the ambassador of India to Zimbabwe The high-level visit to Zimbabwe is taking place after a gap of 21 years and  have bilateral talks with his the Barbarian counterpart on Thursday for the leaders acknowledge the historical and warm relations between the two countries and health extensive discussions on bilateral multilateral.

Issues of mutual interests the bathwater vice president also said that his country is came to join in the Solar Alliance to fulfill energy needs both leaders also referred to the closed defense cooperation between the two countries vice president conveyed India’s willingness to wear most of the expenditure including salaries.

In order to continue supporter Botswana defence forces Botswana appreciated the assistance been given by India in capacity building particularly under the Indian technical and economic cooperation program. Both the sides also strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations as a global man is an m o u between both governments of India and Botswana for a waving a visa for the somatic passport holders was also signed.

Stable democratic and appreciated its important role in the context of the South African development community the essay DC his Excellency the vice president of Botswana slumber Cobane warmly recalled India’s contribution to the freedom struggle of mini Southern African Nations including Botswana both the leaders referred to the clothes.

Ddefence cooperation between the two countries particularly between 1978 till 2012 when Indian Army and Airforce training X station in Botswana they agreed to enhance cooperation in defense and security both won appreciated the assistance was given by India and Qatar particularly under 8 x 1 also announced that decision to join the international solar Alliance this is a very significant development and was welcomed by your side we also expressed happiness over both won us continuous support in the multilateral 4 are reflecting the enduring spirit of friendship between the two countries

Indian community in on Thursday the India’s cultural Ambassador when can I do appreciate the aspirations of the Indians living there for exuding vibrancy and dynamism you press the Indian diaspora for contributed to the economy of Botswana and also for integrating into its pluralistic free and democratic society the vice president also said that India and what so not afraid has steadily improved over the last few years and it registered a significant growth of 26% bringing out the 21.1% 75 million dollars.


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