You can no longer do this on Twitter


You can no longer do this on Twitter

Recent changes to the Twitter site are continuously made. In that order, one has changed the number of people per day to follow.

In order to prevent spam and robot applications, users can only follow up to 400 users per day on Twitter. Previously, users were able to follow up to 1000 people per day. With a new change, users who do not have a wifi-fi can follow every day 400 pieces.

Verified account holders can follow 1000 people every day. In addition, the user can only follow up to 5,000 people. After 5000 followers, the user must wait until the number of followers is passed.

This figure varies for each account. This is determined differently according to the accounts following each individual. After the number of follow-ups the user will get the information “You can not follow more people at this time.”

This information appears on the screen when the user passes the following on the specified day. It is said that the same information will pass on the total follow-up to the user.


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