Zebronics Atom Bluetooth Speaker Review


Zebronics Atom Bluetooth, Wireless speaker devices have been used in recent times. Home theater systems are also available on wireless audio devices. They are becoming more popular because they can take all the wireless speakers to take them.

Being more popular, many companies have started to focus more on the Wireless Audio Devices category. Zebronics has introduced a new wireless speaker for the Deepavali festival.

The price of the new wireless speaker, known as Atom, has been fixed at Rs 1,699. Let’s continue with the new game Speaker review that has Simini lights.

Zebronics Atom offers the look and feels of the Bluetooth speaker to see Simmons light. The egg-shaped design reminiscent of Simnibi lamp. 60 LEDs in speaker Since the lights are provided, the electric light offers a real fire burning experience.

This speaker is made of plastic and the black color and the speaker has a fully balanced grill. The speaker is found at the bottom of the grill panel. The back of the speaker is provided by a rubber strap. Once this is opened, Micro SD Slot, USP Charging port included. The front of the volume controls and the power supply are turned on and off buttons.

These buttons are made of plastic. When you touch these things, plastic consciousness occurs. The speaker is 340 grams and is lightweight. It can also be used as a bedroom lamp for speaker alone.

Simple Connectivity:

Like other Bluetooth speakers, the Zebronics Atom can easily connect the speaker with the smartphone. Bluetooth 4.2 is provided with the connectivity. You need to turn on the Bluetooth option of the smartphone and then press the Power button on the speaker. At this time the buttons are turned off, continuous on small voltages. The smartphone is now known as ZEB-ATOM Bluetooth option.

Audio quality:

As for audio quality, the Jeffronix speaker is clear and loud. However, low noise occurs when the whole noise is made. Since the speaker does not have a base, the quality of audio quality is not very high. Otherwise, the speaker is simple. Volume Up and Down buttons are pressed and the volume will increase and decrease.

Atomic Bluetooth speaker is lightening soft. This can also be used as a replacement for bedroom lighting. The battery provides a long time packet of time while burning to the battery. The speaker can be used indiscriminately as a continuous film and song.


The Zebronics Atom speaker offers two applications: a bedroom designer and a speaker. Furthermore, Bluetooth is not only a micro SD. Since the card slot is provided, the microSD You can enjoy listening to songs by card. However, No radio facility provided.

The audio quality may be improved as a festive term speaker but offers a pleasant audio experience at the price. Overall, the Zebronics Atom speaker is an interesting tool for normal use.

The price of Zebronics in India is Rs. 1,699. Available in Flipkart


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